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Sustainability at By Rae

Sustainability is at the forefront in everything we do here at By Rae.

But what do we actually do?

  1. All our packaging is recyclable and made from recycled materials. Our earring backing cards are even plantable, meaning you can plant them in soil to grow your own wildflowers. Our tissue paper is also acid free and uses soy based ink making it compostable.
  2. Our jewellery comes packaged in a recycle cotton pouch which can be reused to store jewellery and keep it safe during travels
  3. We don't use any plastic in our packaging. We are also working with our manufacturer to reduce their plastic use so the whole supply chain can become more sustainable.
  4. We creative long lasting and durable pieces that defy trends meaning you can reduce your jewellery waste and less will end up in landfills.
  5. Our plating process (PVD) is more environmentally friendly than processes such as electroplating and painting, with zero discharge of gas, water waste or other residue.
  6. We fund for 1lb of plastic to be removed from the ocean with every order. 

Clean Hub Partner

We’ve partnered with CleanHub - an organisation on a mission to free our planet from plastic pollution. Why are we following that path? We are convinced that using plastic comes with responsibility. In many cases, plastic is still the most viable option for packaging.

However, we believe it is also our responsibility to take care of the waste generated by our activities. Through CleanHub we are able to act on that responsibility and invest in resilient waste management solutions across Asia.

From now on, we will be collecting 1lb per every order. The entire process is tracked through CleanHub’s own Track & Trace technology, ensuring certified impact. #forcleanoceans