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About our jewellery

What material is the jewellery made from?

All our jewellery is made from the highest quality stainless steel and plated in 18k gold using a process called Physical Vapour Disposition.

PVD (Physical Vapour Disposition) is a gold plating process which makes the gold 10X stronger than usual plating.

Will the gold plating fade?

Our gold plating process is 10X stronger than usual gold plating making our jewellery resistant to corrosion and rust.

Whilst you can wear all our pieces in the sea, shower and with creams without risk of the jewellery going green, over time the plating may wear (especially the base of rings which go through so much wear and tear). However when gold plating does fade it tends to go a warmer shade of gold.

Will the jewellery make my skin green?

The green stain left by some jewellery is usually caused by alloys containing nickel and copper. All our jewellery is made from high quality stainless steel meaning it will not turn your skin green.

Can I wear my jewellery in water?

Our jewellery is safe to be worn in water and will not go green.

We recommend you store your jewellery in our cotton pouches to increase longevity.

Is there a warranty for breakages?

All our pieces come with a 6 month warranty on breakages and a 1 year warranty on plating. This does not include general wear and tear.

Plastic Free Packagine

All our packaging is plastic free and made from recycled materials where possible.

Letter box delivery

Not going to be in? No problem- all our packages come in letterbox friendly boxes.

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